Shanghai, a city full of miracles, never sleeps; in China’s modern history, Shanghai is a city of great events. How many people are buried here, and how many people are addicted to it, like a magic cave, engulfing people’s hearts. Nowadays, Shanghai is a day, a little less angry, a little more strange; watching people who are in a hurry, always feel lost! This is a woman holding her own child. In the crowd, the child’s smile lights up the whole shot.

In the kitchen, the hands are busy with their own affairs; only one man who may not be very focused looks at the camera.

This is a street. At the door of the house, it is full of old people. According to the warm sun, the old people are very comfortable and happy.

In the strange street, perhaps just finished the work, everyone is riding a popular bicycle, shuttle in the crowd, vying for the first home.

The door of the store is full of bicycles. I don’t know if it is a bicycle shop or the people stop!

On the bank of the river bank, he walked in a hurry, but still did not forget to browse the newspapers in his hands.

The train station in 1986 was still relatively backward. People sold goods to customers when the train stopped. You can see a hawker handing sugar cane to the passengers in the train!

At that time, there were still very few cars in Shanghai. On the wide streets, a few cars were passing through.

Compared with the current one, the people at that time were relatively close; the people on both sides of the street were hanging clothes on a wire.

This is the doorway of a clothing store. People who pass by are often looking back at the trend of clothes. Two women in long coats had a good relationship and walked with hands. Change is happening all the time, which means that people’s lives are getting better and better, but the relationship between people has become strange, and virtual communication has replaced people’s real world.