1940 Shanghai girl wearing cheongsam

1940 Shanghai Big World Night Scene

1940 Shanghai tram

1941 Shanghai US Marine Corps

1942 Shanghai refugees

1943 Zhang Ailing and Li Xianglan

1944 Shanghai Ninghai Road Baxianqiao Vegetable Farm

1945 Nongtangkou Shanghai Little Girl

1945 Shanghai’s empty textile mill

1945 Shanghai Anti-Japanese War Victory Gate

1945 Celebrating the victory of the Anti-Japanese War on Nanjing Road, Shanghai

1945 Shanghai American Sailors and Rickshaws

1945 Shanghai American soldiers gathered in front of the Soldiers Club opened by the American Red Cross

1945 Shanghai woman buys cosmetics on the street stall

1945 Foreign exchange dealer

1945 Shanghai double-decker bus and rickshaw

1945 Daxin Department Store (Zhongbai Company) after the victory of Shanghai Anti-Japanese War

1945 Shanghai Chinese military officer inspection was repatriated to Japanese expatriates

1946 Shanghai Race Hall

1947 Shanghai Public Telephone

1947 Shanghai film “Fake Phoenix Phoenix” stills. Li Lihua, the heroine, was born in Shanghai in 1924. She is now living in the USA and has starred in more than 140 films in her life.

1947 Shanghai Suzhou Riverside Slums

1947 Shanghai roadside newspaper stand

1948 Shanghai barge filled with American cotton moored at the dock

1948 Shanghai police caught two thieves who stole cotton

1948 Shanghai Telephone Company staff pays a salary on the bank

1948 Shanghai Bank pays wages

1948 Shanghai Crowded road

1948 Selling live snakes and proprietary Chinese medicines

1948 Shanghai cleaners

1948 Shanghai Photo Workshop

1948 Shanghai terminal porter

1948 American Times Magazine sold at the Shanghai Newsstand

1948 Shanghai hawkers sell their own chickens to the military

1948 Billboards behind Shanghai people seem to tell you that life is as usual

1948 Shanghai girl and Mama together in the alien living area to do weaving

1948 Coffin shop

1948 Shanghai Nanjing Road Night Scene

1948 Cooking rice

1948 Shanghai Bund Porter

1948 Shanghai “nearly love” cigarette

1948 Shanghai “nearly love” cigarette

1948 Nanjing East Road, Shanghai

1948 Shanghai Huangpu River Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat Festival

1948 Shanghai Navy Playground Amateur Ball Game

1949 Shanghainese reading newspapers on Nanjing Road

1949 Shanghai Ford Advertising

1949 Shanghai Broadway Building

1949 Bird’s eye view of the Bund

1949 The escape of Shanghai North Railway Station

1949 Shanghai bar waiter

1949 Shanghai song girl

1949 Shanghai rickshaw driver bargaining

1949 Popcorn

1949 Merchants reinforced window to prevent riots and robberies

1949 Foreigners withdraw from Shanghai

1949 Shanghai two women and refugees

1949 Shanghai family’s summer outdoor lunch

1949 Family in Shanghai