1950 Huaihai Zhong Road, Shanghai

1951 Listen to the radio

1951 Shanghai Unsold Office

1951 Shanghai Court opened a marital question inquiry office

1951 Nanjing Road, Shanghai

1952 Grocery shopping

1953 Shanghai’s first three-wheeled sweeper was on the street

1953 Shanghai Textile Factory

1953 Shanghai Jiading County acquired grass weaving products

1953 Shanghai trackless 21-way tram ring city test, the fare is 4 points

1954 Shanghai listens to the radio in the store lounge

1955 Shanghai Broadcasting Equipment Factory

1955 Shanghai Family of Five

1955 Maternal and child cabin on Shanghai voyage passenger liner

1955 Shanghai people buy clothes

1955 After the public-private partnership of Shanghai Yongan Company, the employees of the toy department are counting toys.

1956 Shanghai wife helps her husband to wear a new scarf

1956 Shanghai Sino-Soviet Friendship Building Public-Private Joint Venture,Rong Yiren

1956 lady photo

1956 Photo mirror

1956 Wedding reception

1956 Shanghai couple is ready to attend the ball

1956 Shanghai Wharf Staff Health Center

1956 Shanghai sex workers were sent to the frontier

1956 Yu Zhengwei, the owner of Shanghai Huguang Watch Shop, took 98 valuable watches worth 12,000 yuan to the public-private partnership.

1957 Shanghai Gallery

1957 Shanghai City God Temple

1957 Shanghai Family Portrait

1957 Shanghai restaurant

1957 Shanghai Chess

1958 Shanghai Telecom Bureau reporter

1958 Shanghai Telegraph Bureau staff develop annual work plan

1959 Shanghai civil servant driver

1959 Shanghai Jiading County Farmland

1959 Shanghai Jinshan County Haoguang People’s Commune Harvest Scene

1959 Shanghai Waibaidu Bridge

1959 Shanghai Modern Little Mom